Sunshine Tool - Introduction

SUNSHINE has been marketing the unique and innovative cutting tools for metal working including turning tools, grooving tools, milling tools, holemaking or drilling tools, reamer tools, boring and threading tools manufactured by ISCAR (ISRAEL) and INGERSOLL (GERMANY).

SUNSHINE has been introducing a myriad of new products by ISCAR and INGERSOLL, each one aiming for the 3P’s: Productivity, Profitability and Performance.

Some of the foremost features of these new products are:

New grades and coatings by ISCAR and INGERSOLL to enable cutting tools to machine faster, run cooler, resist built-up edge and last longer.

New geometries by ISCAR and INGERSOLL to reduce cutting forces, save energy, improve chip control and provide more edges per insert.

More versatile multifunction tools of ISCAR and INGERSOLL to support the “COMPLETE MACHINIG” trend on CNC mill-turn centres.

Stronger self-clamping designs from ISCAR and INGERSOLL on stationary tools, enabling them to withstand heavy duty interrupted cuts.

SUNSHINE has been in the marketing of Grinding Wheels by TOPLINE (SAK ABRASIVES). Typical grinding jobs are made of hard and soft material like forged steel, cast iron, high alloy steels, etc and this determines the type of abrasive grain to be used. The possibility of metallurgical damage is a significant consideration while selecting a grinding wheel and SUNSHINE’s experience along with TOPLINE’s (SAK ABRASIVES’s) technology assure you of getting the right wheel every time.

SUNSHINE desires to provide its customers with the very latest, most efficient metal cutting an grinding technology in the world and apply themselves to the practical and economical solutions for clients.

Wide clientele base

  • Automobile Industries and its ancillaries
  • Gear Manufacturing Industry
  • Steel and steel forging Industries
  • Tube manufacting Industries
  • Electric Motor Manufacturers
  • Machine building Industries
  • Defence Industries
  • Stone Crushing Equipment Manufacturing Industries
  • Hydro Power Generation Machinary Mfg Industries
  • Packaging machinery manufacturing Industry
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